Frazzled? Don't despair!

Have you ever asked to the Lord something that you thought would be a bit of a miracle. Still you did not despair and keep asking and praying about it day after day. When things are moving unexpectedly, you are puzzled but keep asking. 
At the moment, after having experienced a period of trial, I was confused and running low for a time, even though I thought that everything was going fine (as we'd like to believe) As always, the Lord had mercy and poured his blessings on us and I am feeling more confident about the future. It's not that I did not before but I had days and nights where I was fraught and nothing seemed clear. 
Last week I had to admit that 'on my own' I cannot do anything! To be honest, I was deluded, thinking about future things, planning without 'the perfect architect, Jesus'!. Tonight, the reality is that I must wait for the Lord's guidance and help, His time not mine, His will not mine and above all be patient for everything is possible through the power of the Holy Spirit  in the name of Jesus!
Have a blessed evening.