What's that? Did you say 'Laminin' ?

11 days ago, my sister-in law Pauline sent me a message and somehow I missed it! Not because it was enigmatic but because I have been skimming through all the rubbish I do get in my in-box. Anyway, tonight I'm thinking that I'd better delete a few of those messages, suddenly I see Pauline's and wow, I was absolutely astonished! Somebody I've never heard of (I must say) talking about the Laminin (what's that? ) on youtube! Play it! You will be amazed! 

I had to check what the Laminin was! The stuff that holds our body together is the perfect shape of the cross of our Lord Jesus-Christ. In Colossians 1 Paul speaks about the supremacy of Christ, Colossians 1-16 Paul says 'by Him, all things have been created' Things in the heaven and things in earth! All things were created by Jesus and for Jesus. Jesus is before all things and in Jesus-Christ, all things hold together! Of course they do. Colossians 1-19 For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in Him (Christ)! 
Have a blessed evening. Yours in Christ, N.

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