Friendship is a blessing ...

 Today I went to EMA airport to pick up our French friends 
coming from La Gironde. They brought us a lovely weather,
 it was sunny all day. After the chef Etienne bbq, 
we went for a walk by the canal and Shugborough. 
They found the bridge there quite quaint and different! 
The birds were devouring the seeds happily.
Tomorrow, we are off to Birmingham for a change of scenery, 
from the quiet rural place where we live to a busy and hectic town. 
I told them that I know a vintage place not far from the centre and 
hopefully they will find some souvenirs to take back to their loved ones.
I am glad that Oceane has accepted to be a translator too! 
You can guess who is the one not bothering speaking French at all! lol
Have a blessed evening. N.