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Anyways, I just thought I'd pop in and share a cute little conversation Connor had with Jodie the other day.  I love to listen to Connor and his thought process.  Jodie was cooking dinner and Connor came up to him and, out of the blue, said, "Daddy, I'm going to tell you how people fall in love.  First, they see each other and they think, "Wow, that person is really beautiful." Then they decide to start dating because they think each other is beautiful, and they're just in love.  And that's how it happens."

Jodie asked if Connor wanted to hear how we fell in love.  Connor was captivated as Jodie told him how we were friends for two years before we started dating, and he moved away during that time.  Connor asked, "So, did you guys forget about each other?"  Jodie said, no, we didn't, and then he came back home and we saw each other again, and then decided to start dating.  Connor said, "And, then, you decided you either had to get married or not date anymore."  We laughed at that.  I don't know where he got that from, but he can be pretty perceptive sometimes.  Jodie explained it wasn't exactly that we would stop dating, it's just that, after dating for awhile, we wanted to marry each other.  Connor said, "Yeah...AND you thought Mommy was beautiful."  Lucky for Jodie he said, "Of course."  ; )

Thanks to Nathalie Bannier for the following post:

John learned his lesson by lying on the bosom of Jesus! ~ ~ ~ ~
(J.R. Miller, "On the Control of Temper" 1898)
Many Christian people are willing to confess to an ungentle temper. They seem to think it a matter of not very grave importance. Perhaps the very commonness of the infirmity, blinds our eyes to its sinfulness. We are apt to regard the malady more as a weakness--than as a sin which makes us guilty before God.

But there is no question that bad temper is unchristlike. We cannot think of Jesus as acrimonious, touchy, irritable, peevish, or vindictive. Love ruled all His dispositions, His words, His feelings. He was put to the sorest tests--but never failed. He endured all manner of wrongs, insults, and hurts; but, like those flowers which yield their sweetest perfume only when crushed--His life gave out the more sweetness, the more it was exposed to men's rudeness and unkindness. We are like Christ, only in the measure in which we have the patience, gentleness, and good-temper of Christ.

We all agree that bad temper is very unlovely in other people. We know, too, what discomfort and pain a bad temper causes wherever the person goes. Bad temper is not any more lovely in us, as we appear to others' eyes.

An essential teaching of Christianity, is that marred human nature can be changed. The worst temper can be schooled into the most divine sweetness of spirit. The tongue which no man can tame--Christ can tame, so that, instead of bitterness, it shall give out only words of love.

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