Hansi the Girl Who Left the Swastika

Hansi the girl who left the swastika by Maria Anne Hirschmann. Two weeks ago I was talking to Pauline, my sweet sister-in-law, and after a moment, we started talking about books and she happened to mention that she's just finished this one. If you want I'll send it to you, I am sure that you will enjoy it. So I have started to read it and I'd say that I find it very emotional. This is the summary of the plot.
Maria was the envy of all in her little Czechoslovakian village when she won a scholarship to the Nazi school in Prague. In 1940, she began the long journey which was to lead her into blind devotion to Hitler and the atheism of the Nazi system. She then wakes up to the swastika's scourge of the Jews..and eventually return to the faith in Christ so lovingly taught her by her mother. 
'Hansi is indeed a gift from a sovereign God still at work in the hearts of men.' Catherine Marshall.
Have a blessed end of week.
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