Memorizing the Scriptures

The other day, one of my friends mentioned that she was trying to memorise various verses of the Bible but found it slightly difficult as she'd just started doing it.  I agreed with her that it was hard.
The following week-end, I happened to revisit R.E Torrey, The person and work of the Holy Spirit and I stumbled on this passage!

One who was preparing for Christian work came to me in great distress. He said he must give up his preparation for he could not memorize the Scriptures. “I am thirty-two years old,” he said, “and have been in business now for years. I have gotten out of the habit of study and I cannot memorize anything.” The man longed to be in his Master's service and the tears stood in his eyes as he said it. “Don't be discouraged,” I replied. “Take your Lord's promise that the Holy Spirit will bring His words to remembrance, learn
one passage of Scripture, fix it firmly in your mind, then another and then another and look to the Holy Spirit to bring them to your remembrance when you need them.” He went on with his preparation. He trusted the Holy Spirit. Afterwards he took up work in a very difficult field, a field where all sorts of error abounded. They would gather around him on the street like bees and he would take his Bible and trust the Holy Spirit to bring to remembrance the passages of Scripture that he needed and He did it. His adversaries were filled with confusion, as he met them at every point with the sure Word of God, and many of the most hardened were won for Christ.
Have a blessed evening. N

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