When we were at dad's in Norfold (Heacham) we popped in the Christian bookshop and I chose a book writtten by Sokreaksa S. Himm. Thirteen members of his immediate family including his parents were brutally executed by Cambodia's Khmer Rouge. Reaksa describes how he overcame  his wishes of revenge thanks to grace of the Lord and he tracked down his family's killers to let them know he'd forgiven them, to bring them peace and tell them about the Lord.
One of the most traumatic periods was that from 1975 to 1979, a war orchestrated by Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge leader. More than 2 million Cambodians died of starvation, disease, overwork or by execution. (page 38)

Quotes I liked
'The power of forgiveness from the Lord Jesus-Christ has set me free from the bondage of bitterness..(page 51)
'The message of loving our enemies is the most fundamental teaching of Jesus-Christ. Luke 6:27-28
(page 120)
This is an excellent read, truly inspirational!