A good idea to show Christians just being normal...

She's dressed as a giant orange to illustrate Christingle, and danced in last year's wedding flashmob video that attracted more than 760,000 hits on YouTube.

But now Rev Kate Bottley and her husband Graham have joined the armchair critics of Gogglebox, the Bafta-nominated Channel 4 show, which follows a regular cast of everyday people as they watch – and comment on – the week's television.

Kate is the vicar of the churches of Blyth, Scrooby and Ranskill in North Nottinghamshire where she lives with her husband, two children and Buster the dog (who is so popular on Gogglebox that he even has his own Twitter account).

She tells Christian Today how she's hoping to help change the way the Church is perceived.

Why did you agree to do Gogglebox?

When they phoned up to ask whether we'd be interested, it just sounded like so much fun – that's our first reason. We're massive fans of the show – this is the third series and we've watched it since the beginning.

Secondly I thought it would be a good thing to show Christians just being normal – and I use that word very loosely – but I do think that most of the portrayals that we have of clergy especially, and Christians on TV, are fictional. To see a real one doing real things and not being interviewed on Newsnight or not in a soap opera, but just a real one being normal on the sofa, I thought it might help, that it might be a good witness.

I didn't say yes straight away because I'm not just sat there as me, I'm sat there as a vicar and a massive responsibility comes with that.When you put yourself up for something like this is it is a risk – it wouldn't be right for everybody. We made a list of all the pros and cons and talked it through with spiritual directors and archdeacons and diocesan media advisors and decided to go for it...

But generally the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I had a girl tweet me the other day – "I've seen you on the show," she said. "You're the only vicar I know, how do I get my baby baptised?" I'm the only vicar she knows! To me the show was worth doing just for that...
People do say to me "If my vicar was like you I'd go to church."
And my response is, "Your vicar might be like me, most vicars I know are lovely; go and meet your own vicar."
For me this is not about celebrity...we really think God asked us to do it, so we did it.

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