Jesus rebuked the wind and the waves.

Yesterday, my bible reading notes brought a new explanation to the passage in Matthew 8:23-27.
1- I just thought it was a normal storm, it wasn't because: 'The language used indicates that the lake was being stirred into a frenzy, threatening to overwhelm them totally' 
2 - I learnt a new cultural element, 'to the Jews the sea represented primeval forces of chaos, the home of monsters, and it was only the saving power of God that could bring calm.'
3 - A new idea is offered, Jesus told his disciples off. How could they lose their faith in Him,  after all He has done (many healings and he'd just resurrected a widow's son in Nain)?  Jesus could not have died in a storm in the middle of his messianic work. However it takes discipline to ban fear in my life and I don't think  that I have managed to get it right. I know that Jesus says 'Do not worry'... when I hear bad news or reports, I tend to worry first and then I'll give my worries to Jesus, on the foot of his cross. Lord, help me change, may I call on you first and remember that You are in charge!.


eso178 said...

Amen xxx

N Abram said...

Hi Eso, thanks for visiting. Have a blessed week.